Who are Leeds Roller Dolls?

Leeds Roller Dolls (LRD) is an all female, flat track roller derby league based in Leeds, Yorkshire, England. The team was formed in October/Halloween 2007. LRD were the first roller derby league in Yorkshire. LRD philosophy like much of the Roller Derby Community is "For the Skater; By the Skater". The Dolls competed in their first 4 bouts and first 2 Tournaments in 2009. 2010 saw their first official Bouting season run by the Leagues’ first established Committee, aptly named The Bout Committee. This Committee put on an amazing series of well attended, very well run bouts, playing Leagues from across the UK (Glasgow (GRG), Birmingham (CCR AND BBDD), Manchester (RCRG) and London (LRR)) and finished the season with a belter, hosting LRD’s first Tournament the Great Yorkshire Showdown, hosting 7 other teams from Yorkshire and the North.

Over 2010 further committees were formed to run every aspect of the League, including; recruitment, sponsorship, merchandise, training, fundraising, health and safety, PR, venue and online. The huge commitment women across the league ensures the smooth running of all our training, events, is overseen by our hard-working board.

The Dolls are lucky enough to have a committed Ref’ing squad and an ever growing NSO team that are just as dedicated to the success of Leeds Roller Dolls as the competing skaters.